Virginia Costa

quarta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2011

Comidinhas Lindas e Faceis de Fazer

 O verde das torradinhas foi feito com ervilhas.
 Sanduiche no espetinho.
 Olhem que massa linda! Ao lado um canelone de beringela.

 Amei os barquinhos. Ao lado, crepe quadrada de presunto, queijo e ovos.
 Pizza enrolada no espetinho e sanduiche embrulhado um a um.
 Este carpaccio de abobrinha deve ficar muito gostoso, e light! Ao lado, abobrinha assada acompanhada de molho adocicado de cebola.
 Olhem que linda atravessa de pepino!
 Mini panquecas com cream cheese e salmao. Sopa de tomate com torradinhas e queijo derretido. Ficou lindo, ne?
 Tao simples e tao lindo!
 Diversos modelos de torta.
 Ambas sobremesas com massa folhada pronta. Tortinha com creminho, chantily e banana. Ao lado um biscoitinho recheado com gotinhas de Hersheys. 

segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

At Home - Bei Mir Zu Haus

This is how my backyard looked like a few months ago. I really needed a garage to paint and to try to organize and store my craft stuff. I mainly needed a place with natural light.
 Anyway, that is how it looks now. I got so used to parking the car outside that it still stays there. Important thing is I have a nice surface for my grandchild to crawl and for the family to gather.
 As I am still finding myself in there, I keep changing it but I am beginning to use it regularly. I placed all my favorite stringlights around the ceiling and it looks magical at night. 
 The yo yo cushions I brought from Tiradentes.
The three mosaic lanterns I brought from Turkey and they look great when litten.
Now I am all excited about taking care of my plants again. It is Spring and I confess I abandoned them for a while.
This chair is not a big deal but everybody likes to sit on it. I've crocheted the blanket myself.
My marionette collection is now where I can see them. The "Crowded Madhouse" sign I did with some mosaic samples  I gained from a friend.
I've crocheted the banner and did the big paper mache cup for my brushes.
The plants don't look good in this picture. Now I have done a better arrangement. The inicial project for this wall is much nicer but this will have to wait a while. I did the candle holders with wire and jars.I had to glue the candles with hotglue. Notice the hanging plants, they are a parasite and when I bought it, it was very small and shirt. They can grow 6 meters long. It is called here " old man's beard"
Patricia is the name of my sister that passed away last year.
As the laundry is close to the garage I had to do something about it too. I had it painted in a lighter colour than the wall outside...
and I did these things to make it more inviting for work. The laundry sign I did with clothespins ( I painted them white) and glued them on paper. I already had the frame. The little dresses I did with paper
Finally, I've made this wreath for my frontdoor to celebrate the arrival of Spring in Brazil.

Doors & Gates


Para fazer com tecidos...
 Com barbantes e las , Tutorial aqui
 Duas pecinhas muito uteis. Repare no suporte para carregador de celular!

 Para os bird lovers...
 Fuxico (yo yo)
 Sacolinha para sapatos feita com detalhes em feltro.
 Interessante as borboletas para organizar as las. Porta copos em patchwork.
 Preciso urgente fazer uns pesos para segurar as portas!